In 1988, The Millers moved to California, when Dr. Miller joined Apple Computer. Along with his wife and three sons, Miller resides in San Carlos, CA, where he works closely with local schools. He served on the Governance Council of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center for two years. He currently conducts frequent seminars and runs a Computer Club for grades K-8. He has been an active participant in projects such as Smart Valley, working closely with several Challenge 2000 teachers.

An internationally recognized speaker, Miller was named a Virtual Visiting Scholar at the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute in the UK. A typical presentation was given in Milton-Keynes at a conference entitled, Flexible Learning on the Information Superhighway (1995).

Previously, Dr. Miller had been a Lab Director at Apple Computer, where he spent nine years leading investigations of next-generation learning technologies within the Apple Advanced Technology Group.


Apple R&D programs under Miller's direction at various times included: