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Integrated Engineering

Blended Coding, Electronics and Prototyping Tools - St. Raymond

Blended Coding, Electronics and Prototyping Tools


Students build a series of increasingly complex projects at the intersection of multiple coding languages, electronics and rapid prototyping. The successful student walks away from this class with a mindset of “If the machine I want does not exist, then I will build it”


Building your own touchscreen Linux tablet computer, getting that tablet computer to physically control another environment remotely over the internet, designing and building autonomous machines (microcontrollers), iterative prototyping with variety of power tools, 3D printing and CNC milling. The physical and software tools used in this class are the same that professional engineers use daily on cutting edge design projects.

This is a survey course in integrated engineering. Students will learn to use the following list of tools in conjunction with each other:

Python, Raspberry Pi, Power Tools, Arduino IDE, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, G-Code, Discrete Components Soldering, p5.js, Stepper Motors, CNC Milling



Kenneth Hawthorn is a Mechanical Engineer and teacher. As a consulting engineer he worked on a wide range of designs from electric motorcycles to LSPR machines. He holds US Patent 7,713,154 for a Fixed Pitch Continuously Variable Transmission. Mr. Hawthorn was selected as the first Salzburg Scholar from the Connie L. Lurie College of Education at SJSU. Mr. Hawthorn founded an introduction to engineering after-school program that served at-risk students in 17 San Jose area school districts.

Ken currently heads the Mechatronics program at St. Raymond school (blog). The program is cross-curricular and blends the five domains of coding, 3D design, hardware, rapid prototyping and intellectual property. His students become familiar with a wide variety of tools within each of the five domains in order to train students as Technology Generalists.

Mr. Hawthorn is on the Teacher Advisory Council for Autodesk and is a 2016 Dremel Idea Builder Ambassador and runs classes for the Tech Museum in San Jose and the Krause Center for Innovation In Los Altos.