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Register! Coding Making Robotics Young Campers's 2018 summer camps preserve the best of our previous camps, while adding some exciting new elements. Campers choose one of three major strands: Coding, Making, or Robotics. Most of the day will be spent working on projects within the strand they have chosen for the week. Additionally, campers will be given an age-appropriate small computing device, which is theirs to keep for ongoing exploration after camp. Young campers will receive a Makey Makey GO; older campers will receive a BBC micro:bit. Everyone will begin the day with about 45 minutes in a small-group coding activity involving these state-of-the-art tools, since coding and computational thinking have emerged as critical underpinnings for nearly all STEM fields. During this activity, campers will be organized into small groups (maximum 8) based on age and prior experience, led by a Coding Counselor.

After the morning coding activity, older campers proceed to their chosen strand. Some may have chosen coding itself as their strand, while others may have chosen focus on robotics or making, with coding being less of an emphasis. Young campers are offered a rich variety of age-appropriate activities that encourage creativity, computational thinking, design thinking, perseverance, and collaboration. After lunch, exploration breaks - both indoor and outdoor - provide opportunities to learn about a variety of short topics and to enjoy some fresh air and light exercise, before returning to the camper's main strand for the rest of the afternoon.

Age Considerations: The Young Campers program is aimed at students who will be 6 or 7 years old as of July. The Coding, Making, and Robotics strands are aimed at students from ages 8 to 14. Small coding groups will be based on age and also account for experience. Parental input and student preferences will also be taken into consideration. We recognize that every young person is unique and we will help them to proceed at their own pace.

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San Carlos Summer Camps -- Week of July 9, 2018

Early Bird tickets (15% off) will be available through March 14. These represent our most attractive discounts on San Carlos summer camps. Starting March 15, regular tickets become available. Discounts for families enrolling several children or for several weeks will be offered then, but Early Bird tickets are the best deal.

San Carlos Summer Camps -- Week of July 16, 2018

San Carlos Summer Camps -- Week of July 23, 2018